We are a small team with people from The Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Portugal and love to make original games for Windows , Android & iPhone
We all come from a business management background and continue our roles as office workers while we try to bring original games and business improvement tools to the market.
We noticed the lack of originality in many games that seem to be modified copies of other games. Thats when we decided we will do something new or better said do something old.
We like the arcade games of the 80's and the enthousiasm the developers put in these classic games.
It was possible to develop games then without a big budget and focus purely on creativity and ambition and that is what we do.

Apart from games we are always improving work environment in offices by developing apps and programs that help employees, managers, students to make work easier or more interesting.
Any job that is repetitive, boring, irritating we try to "program away". Because we spent many years doing office work ourselves we know which are the tedious jobs.
The programming languages/engines we use are C#, PHP, MYSQL, Assembler, Javascript, Xamarin, Unity and Gamemaker Studio.
We are always interested to work with other people on new projects so if you have any idea or proposal please send us an email. We hope you like our games and software tools !

About us